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meet the denturist
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   About Denturist Tanya Poleon
   Welcome to Classic Denture Center with a human touch.

   Denturist Tanya Poleon graduated from medical school in 1987
   and then worked as a general dentist and oral surgeon 
   for 14 years in Eastern Europe.   She has 25 years of 
   experience and education in the dental field.

   Additionally, she is a licensed Denturist with an Oral Pathology
   endorsement in the State of Oregon.

   She has extensive experience in general dentistry and in denturist practice. 

   Also, Tanya has excellent training in diagnosing abnormalities and dental conditions, 
   and will gladly give dental recommendations in the scope of denturist practice. 

  She also has extensive experience with Dental Implants and is well known in Portland Oregon.

   Tanya Poleon, L.D. understands that oral health depends on overall optimal health.
   Denturist Tanya Poleon is dedicated to provide you with the personalized, confidential quality
   care that you deserve.